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Many say that Toi is the "brightest light in the room", No one is under her radar for receiving a big smile, a warm greeting, authentic compassion, concern and unconditional love. Her cheerful spirit is not daunted by debilitating Lupus, an autoimmune disease where her body is attacking its own organs.How can you help? The doctors say that she has the "worst case of lupus that they know" and she is now a medical case study.However, we want Toi to be "the one who has a full, miraculous recovery." She wants to be an example of someone who recovers from this deadly disease, that others may be inspired with the possibility.You can help by committing to a full or partial monthly contribution toward a specific treatment expense and/or come to our FUNdraiser.your contributions would be greatly appreciated, as lupus has robbed Toi of the ability to work and therefore she is unable to afford the treatments she needs.Be a Part of the Miracle.Thank yoU!



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