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The name of the refugee has been changed in this true account, in order to protect his vulnerability.  

     More than twenty years ago, as a very small boy in South Sudan, Kimi and his family escaped North Sudanese soldiers who burned their village to the ground.  They ran into the bush country where they traveled on foot for days.  Water and food was scarce, yet they survived and were able to reach another village where some food and water was shared.  Over the next months, he and his family traveled to different villages and various refugee camps.  Kiwi's older brother lost his life in his efforts to protect his family from genocide.  Devastated by the loss of his brother, Kimi and his family climbed the steep mountains to the Ethiopian refugee camp of Sherkole.  Kimi was sixteen when he settled in Sherkole.  He went to school there and survived on little food and water for ten years. Many do not survive refugee camp. During that time, the United Nations allowed him to apply to come to the U.S.  After years of government and U.N. vetting processes, the U.N. brought Kimi to the U.S. By that time, Kimi was twenty-six years old. The plane from Ethiopia brought him to Atlanta, Georgia.  He recalls how very scary the experience of flying was, and the nightmare of a world of machines and technology and products he had never seen before.  HIs caseworker eventually introduced him to other refugees from Sherkole Refugee Camp, and together they learned about refrigerators, stoves, running water, and shampoo.  

     After a few months, his cousin, who had been settled in Salt Lake City, urged Kimi to come here and go to school; so, Kimi traveled to Salt Lake City and earned his high school diploma from Horizonte'.  He met his wife, who had two children, and together, they had a son.  They have made their life together, here in Salt Lake City, for nearly eight years.  Kimi applied for his Green Card when he first came here. His intake person spoke Arabic.  Kimi spoke some Arabic and some English, but did not understand everything.  He signed the statement they printed for him in English, trusting that it was correct, because he could not read it to know for sure.  He waited and waited.  Years went by.  No news ever came.  He remained here legally by working on approved work visas.  He and wife were married this year.  He was told he could reapply for his Green Card.

    By now, he has learned to read and write, so when he reapplied, he read the statement he had signed before, and said, "This is not right."  Because his statements from before and now differ, the immigration officials have advised him to get his own attorney, because South Sudanese have been reclassified as terrorists.  He has an appointment with an immigration attorney for Tuesday.  The attorney's fee is $250 per hour. We are going to proceed one hour at a time.  OneWorld has compassionately offered to help Kimi by raising funds to cover the attorney costs to help get Kimi his Green Card so that he can remain in the U.S. with his family.  We are very hopeful that this compassionate, experienced attorney will be able to show that Kimi is not a terrorist; and, that Kimi wants to become a South Sudanese American and bring his parents here from his war torn country.  Kimi says,"Life is too hard without your parents."

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